Book Review: The Guinevere Deception

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Guinevere is the star of this King Arthur re-telling. This is Camelot through a girl power lens, and I am all in for that. I knew that it was the start of a series of at least two books early on without looking it up. There are a ton of unanswered questions and a massive twist towards the ending. Fair warning: parts of this book are slow, like gosh, 40%? There is a ton of back story, and in my mind, just unimportant stuff that is part of the world-building that I would have shortened. It’s worth dragging yourself through that, though, because the pay off twist is fantastic.
It’s not giving much away to tell you that this Guinevere is fake and is there in Camelot to protect Arthur. She isn’t allowed to use magic though- so that was a puzzler. So she marries him to be close enough to protect him, but for much of the time, she isn’t exactly sure what she is protecting him from. I get that as the reader, you need to immersed and committed to the storyline before specific plot points are spelled out, but again it took a long time for that to unfold. The descriptions of Camelot are neat though- the entire city carved inside a mountain, surrounded by water.
I’d hand this one off to the younger age range of YA, and I am looking forward to Book two, hoping that now we know all the things the action from the last half of this book will keep on rolling in.

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