Book Review: The Day It Finally Happens

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So, I strolled into my library intent of dropping off and then picking up my holds. Just minding my own business. When my eye strayed up to the Nonfiction Quick Pick Shelf. I pride myself on keeping current with new release books, especially in this subject matter: Tin Foil Hat subjects. If there is something that could happen, I’ve probably already mulled it over at 2 am. And so, this lovely tome made it into my tote bag without a second thought. (I’m sneaking in this review in between a towering stack of Cybils Nominees)

Mike Pearl works for Vice magazine writing a column titled: How Scared Should I Be? Anything that could happen falls under his purview. In this book, he gathered all the likely and unlikely scenarios that are the usual subjects of clickbait. You’d be surprised how many incredible things actually could happen and, conversely, how many I thought would be a given, and the odds are low for them. Jurassic Park could happen! That supervolcano out west? Not likely. Now, I would have guessed the exact opposite.

Mike ranks each event with the questions:

Likely in this century?

Plausibility Rating


Worth Changing Habits?

He then backs up his one line findings with plenty of evidence and interviews with experts. You know I loved it. Buy it for the conspiracy theorist on your shopping list.

Publication Date: September 17, 2019

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