Book Review: Keystone

This story should be a classified dystopia, but we’re on our way to it being our legit reality.
You’ve heard of “influencers,” well, imagine being accountable to your investors, every minute of every day of your life. Yeah. Ella’s Mom and Dad are full-time influencers after giving up acting for this new, more profitable career.

They adopt Ella in secret to boost their numbers and so she grows up in the spotlight. She wears a Life Stream device at all times. Now that Ella’s a teen, they expect her to pull her weight and increase her demand on the Social Stock Exchange. She hates it, and after an attempt on her life at her birthday party, (she wonders if her parents are behind it?) she joins a group called Keystone.

This is where it gets Black Mirrorish- and I am all there for that. A warning that you may need to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride.

Keystone changes her name to Elisa Dewitt. Because the people at Keystone are all Disconnected from the world. Meaning they intentionally cover and mark their faces so that facial recognition doesn’t catch them.

Their primary mission is to steal analog history to preserve the truth corporations and governments are trying to hide or alter forever. Ella/Elisa turns out to be a natural thief, and soon she’s entirely at home there. I loved the schoolish atmosphere and the way the book is like a journal. I definitely got Hogwarts vibes.

You’ll be happy to know that after the cliffhanger at the end, there will be two more books in this series. I’m a little late in posting January reviews, and this book is available now.

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