Book Review: City Spies

So much fun. The best kind of adventure ride possible. You’ve got mystery, intrigue, picturesque settings, smart kids, what’s not to like? This is the first of a trilogy (or more!), and for your middle-grade readers, it is what “fun ” reading should be. This book is made for a day off on the sofa, slurping down tea and cookies while you fly through the story.

The story begins with Sara; she is both a foster kid and a hacker. She’s in court when instead of a public defender, someone else volunteers to represent her provided that she trusts him and plays along with whatever he says in court. It doesn’t take her long to agree, and soon she finds out that he isn’t even a real attorney and works for MI6 as a spy. Also, now she does too!

She joins a group of misfit teens from around the world on a secret team of spies. This story is full of all the twists and turns of an adult spy novel, and your kids will love it!

The teens work together to solve a mystery in Paris, and I’m hoping each book will center on a different worldwide city. You get to know each of the teens a bit, and I can’t wait to read more.

Release Date: March 10, 2020

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