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All right kids, buckle up for a book reviewers saga. I’ve toyed on and off with dropping my Amazon Affiliate account. I never wanted to sell books. But, you know, every couple of months I’d get that credit- spend it on books for myself and think, yeah this isn’t a bad gig.

A few weeks ago I got some long legal-ease saying that they were lowering the commission rate. I didn’t even read it as its been a while since I earned anything anyhow. Then I read how Amazon was basically running a Go Fund Me for their employees even though its common knowledge that they are raking in money hand over fist. That really sealed the deal for me.

So, I went into my dashboard and tried to cancel my account. Only- my account had already been canceled.

Now I’m in an I broke up with you- you definitely didn’t dump me first situation. At least it was easy.

In these weird days where we don’t know what day it is, can’t go to the store/ don’t have any money to go to the store- I think I’m going to just write book reviews and link you all to Goodreads (I know, I know, Amazon owns that too)

I love reading books early and sharing them with you, and my biggest fear right now is that this new normal is going to affect publishing. So, if you can afford it, buy new releases so that there continue to be new releases.

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