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A little bit Matilda, a little bit Secret Garden, I’m a fan of magical kids finding and using their powers!

A four word description-Secret Garden only better.

At the beginning of the Summer sensible Piper is very sure that there is nothing magical about any place or person she knows. She lives with her Dad, sees her Grandmother on holidays and never sees her Mom at all. When she has to go and stay with her Mother and Grandmother at their estate she is shocked that her Mother barely acknowledges her and that there are foster children living there. Obviously, that’s extremely hurtful and a lot to unravel for a Middle School girl.

Piper finds out that the other kids have some magical powers, there is a cat that seems to spy on them, and well, anything else is too spoilery.

I like that this book gives some doubt that things will turn out okay. Kids know that in real life, everything doesn’t always work out for the best, and reading about other kids who have a bit of turmoil is a good thing. Piper and her friend Teddy say the funniest things to each other, and again I’m all in for magic saving the day. 5 stars. You can pre-order this one before you forget Release date- May 26, 2020

Hint- I think this is The OwlCrate Jr selection for June.

From just a couple pages in I was hooked into this story. I feel like I needed the brain candy. I continue to be super pleased with all the new Harlequin Special Edition books. The story is a typical boy meets girl plot with the twist of opposite pets. It was light, and sweet. It also set up some other characters to star in future books if this is a series. You know I loved the cat vs. dog owner trope the most.

The paperback is out June 16 and the Kindle version on July 1.

Nora Roberts knows how to spin a tale. I was sucked into the drama of this big Irish American family and this book doesn’t let you go until the end. You get to know them all just enough to understand their dynamic before tragedy strikes. Beginning in 2001 and continuing to the present, it reads like an epic spanning the time span between Caitlin Sullivan’s kidnapping at age ten until adulthood. The close-knit Sullivan family is a family of actors. Living their lives in the public eye is hard enough without the infamous kidnapping, never really fading away. I loved them so much. This is a long story, and it could have been even longer, and I wouldn’t have minded at all- I’ll miss these characters. The only spoiler I’ll tell you is that you do get closure on the entire mystery.

I would normally say that this would be a great airplane book- but. You”ll get to read it at home this Summer. This ranks as one of Nora Roberts best Romance/Mystery novels.

I got a copy of this one right after it’s the release date. This is the second book in The Royal Wedding Series, and I did not read the first book. There seemed to be enough backstory missing for me that if this is your genre, you should probably read them in order. That said, I liked the setting and historical references (which to me seemed correct). The wedding is beautiful; the conflict between characters believable and best of all the love scenes are delightfully steamy. Leo and Caroline grew to be better people together (the first half of the book I didn’t like Caroline at all), and that’s a pretty good outcome for a story like this one. If you have some bias toward Harlequin based on reading them in the 80’s you should try them again.

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