YA Review Bundle June 2020

The book you hand to your pre- teen or your grandma and both will learn in a non threatening ,super pink, and cute way. If all the confuse you ( I’ll admit to learn A LOT from this book) this is worthy of some shelf space at your house. This is the perfect time to read and discuss for Pride month.
I love books that take place in just one day. This story is perfectly timed to this election year, and I think many teens will be interested in the subject matter. I am all in for this trend. Voter fraud is something that young people need to be more aware of than ever.
In this story, Marva is voting for the first time. She has been prepping for this vote over the last two years and is educated on all the issues. Her friend Duke is voting for the first time also, and when she sees him get turned away from the polls, she steps in and spends the day going through the rigamarole that we call “adulting” in unraveling what he needs to do to cast a vote.
I’d happily add this to any American Government reading list for teens. This is a early July release.
Kit works at a thinly disguised Medieval Times type restaurant. Like most minimum wage jobs for young people it isn’t rewarding being a server, and girls aren’t allowed to be knights in the show. Until one day when Kit changes things. Other reviews thought this was pretty formulaic and I disagree wholeheartedly. I love the YA trope (?) of girl power.
I’m feeling all the feelings after finishing this one. Sixteen year old Johanna lost her Mom at an early age and then her Dad took off too. Luckily she had a set of grandparents to raise her. When she finds out that she killed her Mom with a gun as a young child it sets her spinning. I liked that her boyfriend was supportive and steady for her as she processed all her emotions and that a YA book is tacking gun control in such an honest and non hyped way. Five stars.

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