Majesty: American Royals #2

In many ways, this was a perfect book two. I hope that this is just the middle of a trilogy, as there were a few storylines that were left unresolved by the end. I loved the first book and re-read the entire book before I went straight into this E-ARC (thank you, Net Galley, and Random House Books). In the first book, the plot was very Gossip Girls -ish with the different romances being key to the story. In this book, Bee is the Queen of America, and we see her mature into the job. I feel like this story is incredibly timely as it addresses Racism, the Press in this country, and women’s leadership roles. If you were all about the romance- don’t worry, it’s still ongoing, and all of the couples do some growing up before the end.
The history geek in me adored this alternate timeline of America. In this book, we find out even more about how it all came about, and I found it particularly funny that the characters looked down on the European Royal Families and their issues. If you gobble up news of the real royal families, this series is for you. Go read the first book, while you wait for September 1 to roll around.

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