The Queen’s Secret: A Novel of England’s World War II Queen

This story is just what I needed after my last few reads. I think it got buried in the chaos that is Spring 2020, as I didn’t see much buzz at all before stumbling across it on my Kindle this week. Although I’ve read dozens of books about the Royal Family, this is the first to center on who we know as the Queen Mother.

In 1923, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married the Albert Fredrick Arthur George the Duke of York, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. His older brother Edward chose to abdicate the throne and George became the king in 1936,

Although they never planned on being King and Queen they stepped up to the task. It was hard work during the war years. Queen Elizabeth visited troops, hospitals, factories all while being a loving mother to her daughters Elizabeth and Margaret.

The royal family shared the same hardships as the common people, rationing, water restrictions, Buckingham Palace was damaged during a bombing raid and the royal couple spent most nights at Windsor Castle.

One of the secrets that the title refers to is that the details of Queen Elizabeth’s place of birth are somewhat vague; she was born on the 4th of August 1900, and no one knows where she was born. Either it is some kind of scandal or maybe because the paperwork wasn’t as accurate then as it is now? Honestly, I don’t think this book even cleared it up for me. I enjoyed reading about the Royal Family from a different point of view. There is another secret that involves Edward, and I found that to be plausible. Overall there were many new details that, to my knowledge, have not been included in other Royal Biographies.

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  1. I threw this one back, but then I’ve read just about everything published in the last 40 years on the Royals. Lady Colin Campbell is the one who took the “born to the cook” story to this end. I’d always read that David &Wallis called her “Cookie” because she was fat. They called the current Queen “Shirley Temple”.

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