A Few More June Book Reviews

Was I looking for a YA mythological tale set in an alternate version of Portland, Oregon? No, but I found one I read this on my couch in June 2020 when every day brought new protests and revelations in the Black Lives Matter movement. I didn’t choose this book specifically for these times, but as fate would have it, I was reading it at the perfect time. I love the world-building and the mix of all the mythical creatures. Humans live alongside different creatures with varying degrees of acceptance. Most humans hate sirens (Black women with the ability to use magical calls on people with their voices), so our MC hides the fact that she is a Siren from almost everyone. The Audible version is fantastic. The two main characters voiced by different actresses are outstanding.

As another reviewer stated, this is ” Black Girl Magic,” not just another mermaid YA fantasy novel ( I would have read that too- btw) You can try and pigeonhole it into whatever corner you’d like. Still, I think teen fantasy readers will love it. June 2, 2020


This story turned out to be a timely read for me as I picked it up the week that all the George Floyd protests began. While this is historical fiction, the author brought her real-life experiences growing up in Chicago in the 1960s to the story. In nearly every way, it reads as nonfiction and is entirely believable. I don’t want to give away the story, but at the start, there are a lot of characters, and it can be confusing- stick with it, and it will more than pay off. (Adult or older teen readers-June 16, 2020)

I picked this up late and couldn’t even find the email of whatever publicist sent it to me. I did just buy a new calendar, so hopefully, I’ll get into the swing of 2020 soon… Anyhow, do not miss this book. It’s an adult fictional thriller that is so twisty, and un-put-downable (is that a new phrase?) that I used my 2 am insomnia time to finish reading it!!

This story is dark and gripping as the main character Jane is a psychopath. (That’s not a spoiler btw) it’s not too far in when she breaks the fourth wall to tell the reader:

“Stop it. Don’t look at me like that. Stop being so judgmental and listen to the story.”

I was left wanting and equally, not wanting to know what she would feel justified in doing next to keep close to her best friend, Marnie.

June 16,2020

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