The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly

The Scarecrow is the second book in the Jack McAvoy series by Michael Connelly, famous for his Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer books.

Even though I am a huge Michael Connelly fan, I had never heard of his character, Jack McAvoy, until the newest book in the series came out this year. I’m sad that I missed these books, but I’m very happy to have discovered them. I reviewed the first book, The Poet, earlier this week. It was a good book, with a great story line, but it bogged down a bit in the middle. Well, with The Scarecrow, Jack McAvoy hits his stride. The characters are well fleshed out, and the story is top notch.

The Scarecrow picks up about ten years after the events in The Poet. Our man Jack has just been given two weeks notice at his job at the LA Times. The only reason they give him two weeks is so he can train his replacement, a recent college graduate who is willing to do Jack’s job for about half of Jack’s salary.

The same day Jack is told of his pending loss of job he receives a call from a very irate mother. Her son, Alonzo Winslow, has confessed to a murder he didn’t commit. As Jack looks into this he uncovers something much, much larger.

The Jack McAvoy books follow technology. The Poet was set in the early days of digital photography. Written in 2009, The Scarecrow, deals with internet farms and identity theft. I can wait to see what Fair Warning Brings.

CW/ These are crime novels about serial killers. They deal in violence against women and children. I, personally, love crime novels. Maybe it’s the intrigue; maybe it’s about the bad guy being caught and punished at the end. I don’t really know why they appeal to me so much. Maybe I just have a warped mind. lol

Happy reading.


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