Fair Warning by Michael Connelly

Fair Warning is the third, and most recent, installment in Michael Connelly’s Jack McAvoy series. Our plucky, serial killer hunting reporter is now working at a consumer watchdog blog called Fair Warning.

When a woman Jack had a one night stand with over a year ago is brutally murdered, Jack is inexplicably named a suspect. While researching the murder to clear his name, against the advice of his editor, the police, FBI, and his cohort Rachel, Jack stumbles onto the world of DNA sharing.

A second party lab is screening DNA samples to find commonalities for people with addictions or who engage in risky behavior. The DNA of women with these markers is then being sold on the the internet to Incels (involuntary celibates.) This subset of men hate women and think women owe them sex. The DNA samples are therefore used to nefarious ends.

This book will make one regret ever using a service such as ancestry dot com or 23 and me.

I hope Michael Connelly writes more Jack McAvoy novels in the future. Until then I shall bide my time with Harry Bosch and The Lincoln Lawyer.

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