Cinderella is Dead

How many times can I say how amazing this story is? At least once more in writing, I guess.

If only this had been a September release, we would have read it in The Bookish Society YA round table.
I adore a good fairy tale retelling, and this is the story of Cinderella 200 years after she attended the Ball dressed by her Fairy Godmother. Every home in the Kingdom must keep a copy of the Cinderella story in their home. Then, there is still a Ball each year. This requires families to go into debt for their daughter to look good enough to be chosen by an eligible man. If they don’t get married by the third year, they disappear into servitude.

All that sounds awful enough and the MC soon finds out that there are more sinister goings on and a growing resistance to their dictator like king.
The world-building is sublime. The main character isn’t waiting around for the remarkably absent fairy godmother. She tries to change things- and she wants to be with a princess, not a prince.

Diversity: Black, lesbian main character, lesbian/bi side characters, and gay side character.

This is precisely the kind of book that we read and discuss at our YA Bookish Society Round Table. Teen Round table offers kids the chance to hang out with like-minded readers and have grown up style delving and debate.

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