We Don’t Want Your Child to Fit in A Box

Here at The Bookish Society, We’re all Readers

Stories are what unites humanity. Whether your child reads a story via a book or a tablet, or listens to an audiobook or while you read aloud, the result is the same—a story has been told and heard. 

Bookish Society meets your children where they are—whether they are neuronormative bookworms or need gentle accommodations.

Your child can connect with spellbinding book choices choices in a number of ways:

  • Read the hardcover book we’ll send via mail.
  • Listen via an audiobook. [NOTE: We provide a purchase link]
  • Download an e-book and read on a device. [NOTE: We provide a purchase link]
  • Read the hardcover book at a slower pace and join the book discussion every other month.
  • Make it a family event and read the text aloud.

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