Crisis Homeschooling- The Sequel

Oh Hey!  

For the last few days, I’ve been working on something to make homeschooling easier. Something I know deep in my bones will help you keep your job and keep your kids off screens (7 hours a day!- public schools, really?)

It feels a little strange to tell you about how to homeschool when I know many of you have zero interest in this reality. You think you don’t have time, and it’s going to be expensive.

In these times more than ever, it takes a village. I don’t want y’all getting conned by these fly by night startups. Money is short for everyone, and homeschooling doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take all day. I think with careful shopping you can spend around $200 for one child.

I don’t write or sell a curriculum. So, I have no horse in this race. You can pay me to create a fancier program for your kids or sign them for our round table book discussions. But this is the knowledge I have that I want to share with you.

I’ll have more details tomorrow in my next Homeschool DIY post.

So here’s our list of cheap, yet completely in line academically, homeschool resources.

If you want to go whole hog, check out our deluxe list over at Good Enough Homeschool.

And if there is anything you need. I’m here.

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