Monday, Monday

I know a lot of people are starting school today.

Or were, until there was a giant Zoom outage.

Or maybe you got up and realized that no one bought more coffee, or the a/c went out and no one slept well in the late August hot night air. (both are a true story for me today)

These things happen.

That’s what I wanted to chat about today: bad days in homeschooling.

Education is a process and you can’t make it or break it in one day.

Don’t feel like you need to dive in and get through everything.

If it’s a real bad day cancel it. Really.

Start again tomorrow. Schools have institute days, substitute teachers, field days, etc. -ALL THE TIME.

If it’s just a slow start then jump in after lunch.

One bad day does not mean homeschooling isn’t working.

If you need some support come over to our Facebook group: Secular Inclusive Classical Teachers Today we continue the tradition of Monday Memes. It’ll cheer you up- I promise.

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