Round Table Talk: Middle Grade (Ages 9-12)

Let’s chat about our Round Table Membership Program.

It’s hard to say which I’m more excited about, but for sure, I am smitten with the list of Middle-grade books that we’ll be reading this year.

I’m a big fan of magic, twists, fun scares, and books that make you think.

We’re all set up. Books are in the mail, and our Zoom meeting is scheduled. You might be wondering why I don’t publish a list of books for the year.

There are three reasons:

  1. I love book mail, and part of the fun is the element of surprise.
  2. Publishing is a bit in flux this year, and I want to keep my options open
  3. I don’t want you to just buy the list of books and hand them off to your kids and call it a day.

I started The Bookish Society to give kids a safe place to get really enthusiastic and spirited with other readers their age.

If that sounds like something you want for your kid this school year. You can register anytime.

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