Virtual Homeschooling? Do you need it and Is it possible?

Parents, I know that so many of you feel overwhelmed right now. There are so many curriculum choices, Zoom classes, virtual hangouts, etc. to keep track of. And what I realized is that while many families are interested in a homeschooling academy, many parents need one, too. That’s what Bookish Academy can provide.

While some of you are probably set, with carefully researched curriculum choices covering myriad topics, there are so many more of you that need a helping hand to get started and keep going.

That’s why I developed Bookish Academy. I’ve homeschooled five kids over two decades and know how hard it is to start from scratch. Let us handle the bulk of your homeschooling—virtually.

Your family can enroll any time throughout the year and stay for as long as you need to. A Bookish Academy subscription includes Zoom-based classes, scheduling and assistance in choosing materials, and scheduling help from long-time homeschoolers. 

I’ll be doing a lot of the teaching for you, and help you get started with the topics we don’t cover, such as handwriting, direct-instruction math, and phonics. Stay for a few months—or a whole year. It’s up to you, and what works for your family.

Let’s talk contact about how you can get started. 

Read about our Bookish Academy for kids ages 5-9 here.

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