Our Bookish Philosophy

Had to finish the quote:"Because when you read a book as a child it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does..."-Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail The Bookish Society is about freeing your mind toward creativity, empathy, and exploration and not worksheets and vocab and … Continue reading Our Bookish Philosophy

Virtual Homeschooling? Do you need it and Is it possible?

Parents, I know that so many of you feel overwhelmed right now. There are so many curriculum choices, Zoom classes, virtual hangouts, etc. to keep track of. And what I realized is that while many families are interested in a homeschooling academy, many parents need one, too. That’s what Bookish Academy can provide. While some … Continue reading Virtual Homeschooling? Do you need it and Is it possible?

September Bookish Society Reveals

In early 2020, I began reading books that are on your bookstore shelves this week. Right now, I'm reading a book that will publish in March 2021. It's a bit like retail holiday placement only way farther ahead of time. This year is even trickier with publishers releasing books held back in the Spring now … Continue reading September Bookish Society Reveals

Good Enough Homeschool S1 E6

In today's episode we introduce our new Co-host AJ Campbell and talk about how we feel about Instagrammable Home School Environments. Then we share all love of all things from The Well Trained Mind Press. We also talk a little bit about how we put the show together and our thoughts on Secular Classical materials … Continue reading Good Enough Homeschool S1 E6

My Last Six Reads

American Royals 2: Majesty- In many ways, this was a perfect book two. I hope that this is just the middle of a trilogy, as there were a few story lines that were left unresolved by the end. I loved the first book and re-read the entire book before I went straight into this E-ARC … Continue reading My Last Six Reads

Round Table Talk: Middle Grade (Ages 9-12)

Let's chat about our Round Table Membership Program. It's hard to say which I'm more excited about, but for sure, I am smitten with the list of Middle-grade books that we'll be reading this year. I'm a big fan of magic, twists, fun scares, and books that make you think. We're all set up. Books … Continue reading Round Table Talk: Middle Grade (Ages 9-12)

The Right Book

Have you tried ALL the things when it comes to finding books that your kiddo wants to read? It's totally OK if you have! Maybe there's a little piece of you that's given up; perhaps you think that there isn't a solution out there that could help. Don't quit just yet! Many homeschoolers reached out … Continue reading The Right Book

Our Homeschool Atmosphere

Wanna know how I started out homeschooling? There's actually a couple of things I did that you might not expect. First I didn't set up a classroom. We sat on the couch and at the kitchen table. We're home so let's take advantage of that comfy furniture. And then I did short lessons several times … Continue reading Our Homeschool Atmosphere

Behind the Scenes at The Bookish Society

I had a really specific person in mind when I created The Round Table Program; in fact, I can tell you her name! Courtney had come to me because she was dreading creating a booklist for her daughter, and it frustrated the heck out of me that she was feeling this way. Courtney is one … Continue reading Behind the Scenes at The Bookish Society