My Last Six Reads

American Royals 2: Majesty- In many ways, this was a perfect book two. I hope that this is just the middle of a trilogy, as there were a few story lines that were left unresolved by the end. I loved the first book and re-read the entire book before I went straight into this E-ARC … Continue reading My Last Six Reads

Cinderella is Dead

How many times can I say how amazing this story is? At least once more in writing, I guess. If only this had been a September release, we would have read it in The Bookish Society YA round table.I adore a good fairy tale retelling, and this is the story of Cinderella 200 years after … Continue reading Cinderella is Dead

The UnAdoptables

There are a lot of people that are refusing to read, promote, and review this title. They find the orphan trope tiring, the message to children that they could be "unadoptable" horrifying, and have concerns about the physical appearance of said fictional orphans. I'm reviewing this fantasy- fiction title after I bought it and read … Continue reading The UnAdoptables


The world-building in this young adult fantasy novel is just intense and all-encompassing that I genuinely felt like I could see it in my mind's eye. Tarisai is the only daughter of someone called The Lady. Her sole purpose is unclear at the beginning and it turns out to boil down to complete obedience. This … Continue reading Raybearer

The Extraordinaries

I read another of TJ Klune's books: Middle Grade The House in the Cerulean Sea a couple of months ago, and I found myself just smitten with his writing style. This is his YA debut, and it not only features superheroes in an urban setting. It contains some pretty "extra" teens. This friend group is … Continue reading The Extraordinaries

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion

Can I give all of the stars to this Little House books companion guide? Reading Laura Ingalls Wilder made me the reader/writer that I am today. I've homeschooled my kids using these books and various guides that didn't work for us in any cohesive way because they were either religious or too babyish. This companion … Continue reading The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion

The Princess Will Save You

A YA retelling twist up inspired by the Princess Bride is exactly what you need to be reading during these crazy pandemic days. Let yourself be whisked into the Kingdom of Sand and Sky. When King Sendoa mysteriously dies his daughter Princess Armarande of Ardenia (love that alliteration) is compelled by law to get married … Continue reading The Princess Will Save You

The Mermaid Atlas: Merfolk of the World

Got this gem over the long weekend and delightfully skipped it to the very top of my book stack. I tried to think of a new catchphrase but, alas, I don't have one. Mermaids before ______? Anything not mythical for sure. Here is a shot of the contents: If you require an elementary primer on … Continue reading The Mermaid Atlas: Merfolk of the World

A Few More June Book Reviews

Was I looking for a YA mythological tale set in an alternate version of Portland, Oregon? No, but I found one I read this on my couch in June 2020 when every day brought new protests and revelations in the Black Lives Matter movement. I didn't choose this book specifically for these times, but as … Continue reading A Few More June Book Reviews