Our Bookish Philosophy

Had to finish the quote:"Because when you read a book as a child it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does..."-Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail The Bookish Society is about freeing your mind toward creativity, empathy, and exploration and not worksheets and vocab and … Continue reading Our Bookish Philosophy

Virtual Homeschooling? Do you need it and Is it possible?

Parents, I know that so many of you feel overwhelmed right now. There are so many curriculum choices, Zoom classes, virtual hangouts, etc. to keep track of. And what I realized is that while many families are interested in a homeschooling academy, many parents need one, too. That’s what Bookish Academy can provide. While some … Continue reading Virtual Homeschooling? Do you need it and Is it possible?

September Bookish Society Reveals

In early 2020, I began reading books that are on your bookstore shelves this week. Right now, I'm reading a book that will publish in March 2021. It's a bit like retail holiday placement only way farther ahead of time. This year is even trickier with publishers releasing books held back in the Spring now … Continue reading September Bookish Society Reveals

Round Table Talk: Middle Grade (Ages 9-12)

Let's chat about our Round Table Membership Program. It's hard to say which I'm more excited about, but for sure, I am smitten with the list of Middle-grade books that we'll be reading this year. I'm a big fan of magic, twists, fun scares, and books that make you think. We're all set up. Books … Continue reading Round Table Talk: Middle Grade (Ages 9-12)

The Right Book

Have you tried ALL the things when it comes to finding books that your kiddo wants to read? It's totally OK if you have! Maybe there's a little piece of you that's given up; perhaps you think that there isn't a solution out there that could help. Don't quit just yet! Many homeschoolers reached out … Continue reading The Right Book

We Don’t Want Your Child to Fit in A Box

Here at The Bookish Society, We're all Readers Stories are what unites humanity. Whether your child reads a story via a book or a tablet, or listens to an audiobook or while you read aloud, the result is the same—a story has been told and heard.  Bookish Society meets your children where they are—whether they … Continue reading We Don’t Want Your Child to Fit in A Box