ARC Review: The Hive (YA)

The Hive Sept 2019 This was eerily similar to a future that I could see for all of us in our real lives. Between our obsession with reality TV and social media, we could head straight for this. In this world, you get a rating based on your behavior and society as a whole judges … Continue reading ARC Review: The Hive (YA)

Book Review: The Editor It took me a week to read this. Not because I was bored, or it was slow, simply because I was savoring the words. I borrowed it from the library based on the description of Jackie Kennedy Onassis being "The Editor" in question. I've read quite a few books about the Kennedy family but … Continue reading Book Review: The Editor

ARC Review: The Memory Police I found this hauntingly sad, and it left me with so many unanswered questions? What was the point of the memory police? Why did they need everyone to forget things? Let me back up, the MC lives on an island, where things disappear sporadically as ordered by the Memory Police. Her own mother was … Continue reading ARC Review: The Memory Police

Book Review: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee Back to the Future! "The pow'r of love, O 'tis a curious thing:It changeth hawks into a gentle dove,It maketh one man weep, another sing,More than a feeling: 'tis the pow'r of love.'Tis tougher e'en than diamonds, rich like cream,It makes a bad one good, a wrong one right,'Tis stronger, harder than a wench's dream,The pow'r of love … Continue reading Book Review: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee Back to the Future!

Book Review: The Warehouse Happy Book Birthday!! I stayed up until after midnight to finish it, then woke up, reached for my Kindle and reread the last chapter. I feel like I could really reread the whole book at some point just to look for hidden clues that I probably missed the first read through. So, if you … Continue reading Book Review: The Warehouse

Book Review: I’ll Never Tell'll+never+tell&qid=1560130758&s=gateway&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=vikiacad-20&linkId=2e740a11b21bbf8af93f5d6aeed907fe&language=en_US I've got another free on Kindle Unlimited book for you this week. Overall, I liked this story even though the ending seemed a bit unresolved for my taste. Five siblings come home due to the untimely deaths of their parents and the reading of their will. In an unorthodox move the four sisters can … Continue reading Book Review: I’ll Never Tell

Book Review: The Lesson Happy Book Birthday! At the 2% mark, when Derrick shared his hidden mythology collection, I was hooked. The first part of the book centers around one family in St Thomas. You get a good sense of their lives both before and after they discover that not only are aliens real, the Ynaa lives among … Continue reading Book Review: The Lesson

Book Review: Recursion Ok, I guess this is a SciFi Mystery? It's like watching The Matrix; you get lots of those kinds of understanding breakthroughs. It was a good read that I read in like 3 hours. False Memory Syndrome is spreading like wildfire. The condition gives people real-seeming memories of a life they haven't lived. The two … Continue reading Book Review: Recursion

ARC REVIEW-Hope Rides Again: An Obama Biden Mystery (Obama Biden Mysteries) Here we are again. So happy to catch up with Uncle Joe in the best city ever. Joe Biden is in Chicago on the day of the St. Patrick's Day Parade no less. It doesn't take long for him to find both trouble and Obama. They make quite the pair of detectives. If I … Continue reading ARC REVIEW-Hope Rides Again: An Obama Biden Mystery (Obama Biden Mysteries)

Book Review: Darkwood (The Darkwood Series Book 1) Happy Book Birthday Darkwood! I didn't realize that this was a Middle-Grade book when I accepted the review request so you can pass the title along to your kids or neighbors as something they might like, or read it yourself. It was hilarious and inspired a bit by Terry Pratchett. The kingdom of Myrsina … Continue reading Book Review: Darkwood (The Darkwood Series Book 1)