We Don’t Want Your Child to Fit in A Box

Here at The Bookish Society, We're all Readers Stories are what unites humanity. Whether your child reads a story via a book or a tablet, or listens to an audiobook or while you read aloud, the result is the same—a story has been told and heard.  Bookish Society meets your children where they are—whether they … Continue reading We Don’t Want Your Child to Fit in A Box

2019 Book Binge

I didn't want to endeavor to curate a Top Ten or a Best of the year post. That leaves too many great books out. So, this isn't that. I do believe there is value in sharing the books that I especially enjoyed this year. As of today I read 318 books in 2019. That number … Continue reading 2019 Book Binge


I'm a minimalist. I'm all about Marie Kondo and her message except that 30 book thing. I mean, books are my life. How in the world could I only choose 30 books? Until one day, I needed to clean off my shelves and realized that maybe she's on to something. Why not try and come … Continue reading #thirtybookchallenge