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There are lots of homeschooling companies out there who provide a literature-based curriculum that include a massive box of books, discussion questions, and a schedule.

What if you don’t need all that?

What if your kids have read half of the scheduled list already?

What if you want books on a different topic?

You can spend hours on the internet piecing together a booklist based off Good Reads and Amazon reviews or—

You can allow me to help you.

I’ve been teaching my kids at home since 2001. During that time, I’ve bought and used just about all the programs out there. I now have four graduates, and the one thing that stands out to them is reading books that match their interests at the time.

Maybe your teen still loves middle-grade books? Perhaps your eight-year-old is devouring college texts?  Or you have a kid obsessed with cats found n literature (true story)

You need a custom solution for your unique child. That is the beauty of home education. You can create a school that is best for your family.

If you’ve got your basics covered and don’t have time to search out books that match up with your history or science topics- I can help!

Maybe you’d like modern alternatives to teaching the themes included in classic books? How about reading along using picture books for your little ones?

I read upwards of 300 books a year and routinely receive new releases pre-publication. I love matching books with readers.

Fill out a simple questionnaire, and I’ll send you a book list for the year. You can then purchase the books anywhere you’d like or utilize your library system.

There is nothing I love more than matching the right book with the right kid. Matching a kid with years worth of Science Non-Fiction or Historical Fiction sounds like my dream job.

Let me be your Bookish Fairy Godmother!


This one-time fee includes a booklist of up to 30 titles customized to one subject area.

For example, if you want a list of books for Science, History, and Literature, you’ll need to add three items to your cart and fill out three questionnaires.

You can select an age range if you are grouping your kids.

Book choices will be secular unless you ask me to include books containing faith. I’m pretty comfortable recommending books with a Christian/Catholic worldview. 

How long does this take?

I’m hoping to have a seven day turn around. It may be less if I’ve already worked up a list on that subject matter recently. If it is longer, I will email you immediately with a time estimate.

Where is the cheapest place for me to buy these books?

That depends. I can sleuth that out for you for an additional fee, or you can enjoy the hunt yourself.



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